WWE 2K’s MyCareer mode will be rebranded as MyRISE and will focus on separate stories for both male and female superstars. Using created superstars, players can form alliances, make enemies, and branch into subplots based upon the user’s choices, allowing players to choose their journey like never before.


2K22 will feature a new mode called MyFACTION. In it, players will be able to build a wrestling stable by collecting, managing, and upgrading WWE Superstars with regular updates and weekly events. MyFACTION will feature player cards from throughout WWE’s history.


MyGM, formerly known as “GM Mode”, returns to the series for the first time since 2007’s SmackDown vs. Raw 2008. Players can choose between Sonya Deville, Adam Pearce, William Regal, Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon or a custom character; to take control of one of WWE’s four brands: Raw, SmackDown, NXT, or NXT UK. Players can book wrestling shows in high school gyms and on primetime television, draft superstars, manage contracts, and control costs, while trying to create the “premier” WWE brand.

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