Thanksgiving Recipes 2021

Pumpkin pie
Delicious sweet pastry combined with the popular autumn squash. Share America’s love for pumpkin pie with this traditional, simple recipe.

This light and fluffy cornbread, coated in melted butter and honey, is a classic Thanksgiving Day dish.

Cornbread muffins
Individual cornbread buns spiced with paprika and fresh chilli – delicious eaten warm with butter and bacon.

Traditional roast turkey
A crisp, golden-brown turkey is often the centrepiece of a typical Thanksgiving dinner and this traditional recipe is perfect for those wanting to serve up the staple dish as part of their own feast.

Roasted carrots with cardamom and star anise
A glorious side dish that you can bung in the oven and forget about. The carrots emerge burnished and lightly spiced.

Pork, apple and hazelnut stuffing
These balls of mince pork, apple and toasted hazelnuts, gently fried in a little goose fat, are a perfect accompaniment to the roast turkey.

Cheat’s mac and cheese
Diana Henry’s simple recipe for macaroni and cheese requires no sauce-cooking or pasta-boiling, helping you to serve the American favourite in minimal time.

American-style salted caramel pancakes
Treat yourself to a sweet US-inspired breakfast on Thanksgiving Day, using this salted caramel pancake recipe.

Pecan pie
Individual gluten-free pecan pies made with dates instead of refined sugar.

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