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Supermarket Easter Egg deals 2023 Asda Tesco Morrison Sainsbury

The most popular treat at this time of year are Easter eggs, and the bigger they are, the more expensive they can get. Some deluxe Easter treats can be priced in the twenties, so people will be scouring for some cheaper deals. Easter Egg deals in 2023.


Asda has two big offers on when it comes to Easter Eggs. They are offering customers the chance to bag four large Easter eggs for just £10.

These include brands like Cadbury’s, Maltesers, Creme Egg, Galaxy, M&Ms and even a Terry’s Chocolate Orange version.

Cadbury's Creme Egg

Priced at £3 each individually, this gives you a saving of £2 for the entire deal.

And if you are looking for a bigger Easter egg deal in all capacity, you can get two giant Easter eggs for just £8. These include massive brands like Kinder Surprise, Mini Eggs, Daim and many more. Most giant Easter eggs come with more chocolate, and are priced at £4.50 themselves.

This gives you a saving of £1.


Morrisons has a large amount of their popular Easter eggs on a price drop offer – with a saving of £1.26. While brands like Maltesers, Mars and Smarties were £3.25 originally, but are now all £1.99.

This means you can get five Easter eggs for under £10 – a perfect deal for those with lots of excited children to buy for.

Thornton's Easter Egg.

Thornton’s Easter Bunny chocolates and their deluxe Easter eggs are also included in this £1.99 offer, for those with a more mature palate.

You can also get mini Kit Kat Milk Chocolate Bunnies in a two for £1.20, and Lindt Gold Bunnies are two for £5.50 right now as well.


Sainsbury’s is also reducing their Easter eggs as the weeks on, with large eggs on a £1 saving – costing just £2 for brands like Cadbury’s and Kit Kat.

Galaxy Enchanted Easter egg.

Some of the large eggs include the Kit Kat Chunky Egg, Galaxy Enchanted Egg, M&Ms Brownie and even a Bounty Chocolate Egg.

Luxury eggs also also an option at Sainsbury’s costing just £3 for brands like Thornton’s and Ferrero Collection. This is a saving of £1.50 for the Thornton’s, and the Ferrero Collection egg is just £2.50, saving you 50 pence.


And finally, Tesco aren’t shy of a tasty deal or two. Their medium Easter eggs are just £1.25 each, locking in at a Low Everyday Price on their website.

These include brands like Cadbury, Malteser and Smarties. Larger eggs are priced at £3, and include Celebrations, Mars and Twix.

Cadbury Freddo Easter Egg.

You can even get extra-large Easter eggs at Tesco, but these can be pricey. For example, a Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Creme XL egg is £5, but an XL Bounty Egg is a whopping £12.

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