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Revenue Premier League 2023

The Premier League reported a significant increase in its international media rights value during its most recent rights sale process. The league agreed deals with broadcasters for an extended five-year period, and also sold certain rights packages on a non-exclusive basis, and/or operated them directly.

Commercial partner, fan and investor interest in the Premier League appears higher than ever before. While this suggests optimism for further growth, continued calls for greater distribution of the financial wealth of English clubs across the football system, and the impact of a cost-of-living crisis, makes it all the more important for the game’s stakeholders to keep a clear focus on their responsibility as stewards of leading clubs.

Champions Manchester City retained top spot, making 731m euros (£619.1m)

Liverpool rise to third from seventh, while Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal also make the top 10, with West Ham, Leicester, Leeds, Everton and Newcastle in the top 20.

The top 20 clubs made 9.2bn euros (£7.82bn)

Five of the Premier League’s ‘big six’ – Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur – reported revenue increases of 15% or more. That saw a total increase of 226m euros.

Commercial revenues rose 8%, from 3.5bn euros to 3.8bn euros (£2.975bn to £3.23bn) but there was an 11% (485m euros/£412.25m) fall in broadcast revenue.

Club revenue (£m)
Manchester City 619.1 (731m euros)
Liverpool 594.3 (701.7m euros)
Manchester United 583.2 (688.6m euros)
Chelsea 481.3 (568.3m euros)
Tottenham Hotspur 442.8 (523m euros)
Arsenal 367.1 (433.5m euros)
West Ham United 255.1 (301.2m euros)
Leicester City 213.6 (252.2m euros)
Leeds United 189.2 (223.4m euros)
Everton 181 (213.7m euros)
Newcastle United 179.8 (212.3m euros)

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