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Panini trading cards NFT NFL 2021

The National Football League (NFL) and Panini America, the exclusive trading card manufacturer of the NFL and the NFLPA, will launch the NFL’s first NFT Trading Card Packs beginning December 1. The NFL NFT Trading Card Packs provide fans with an additional engagement opportunity that combines the time-honored hobby of collecting trading cards with the growing space of NFTs. Panini America officials began releasing NFL Instant NFT trading cards in October celebrating the top player performances each week.

“Trading cards have seen a resurgence in popularity making this the perfect time to release our first NFT Trading Card Packs with Panini America,” said Joe Ruggiero, SVP of Consumer Products at the NFL. “The NFL looks forward to partnering with Panini to offer NFL NFT trading cards, creating another touchpoint for engagement for fans.”

The NFL NFT trading cards program will launch with Panini America’s popular Mosaic brand. Prizm and Donruss Optic NFL NFT trading cards will follow in January and February, respectively.

The NFL NFT trading card packs will be available on Panini’s private blockchain platform, where fans can purchase NFL NFT trading cards in pack format and as individual cards. Fans can also auction their Panini NFL NFT trading cards in the Panini Blockchain Marketplace. The NFL NFT trading cards on the Panini Blockchain can be purchased in U.S. currency.

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