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NBA 2K24 Release Date

NBA 2K24 Release Date

If 2K follows the same pattern, NBA 2K24 released on Friday, 8 September 2023.

The most recent game did not feature any options for early access, but that could change as many major sports titles offer this bonus.

As ever, there will likely be multiple editions of the game too, each offering unique perks and in-game gifts for you to enjoy.

NBA 2K24 Cover Athlete

The legendary Michael Jordan was featured as the cover athlete on two editions of NBA 2K23, with Phoenix Suns’ #1 Devin Booker fronting the Standard Edition.

J.Cole featured on the cover of another special edition of NBA 2K23, while Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi were the cover athletes for the WNBA Edition.

With five editions of the game, we are sure to see a variety of cover art and various cover athletes to match!


NBA 2K23 was released across current-gen and next-gen consoles, as well as Nintendo Switch and PC.

We can’t see 2K changing this for NBA 2K24, so expect to see some incredible graphics on the next-gen capable platforms.

As you would expect, players using PS5 or Xbox Series X|S consoles will likely have a greater gaming experience than those still using PS4 or Xbox One.

Not only will the graphics be far greater, but various game modes could be exclusive to next-gen consoles.

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