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Medicaid Eligibility Income Chart 2022

Every state has specific rules. However, there are basic requirements to complete.

-Be a U.S. Citizen or meet specific immigration status requirements.

-Provide a Social Security Number

-Income limits according to household or individuals.

-Asset limits, apply to aged, blind, or disabled people.

Medicaid is basically for most people.

From people who need long-term services and support, people with disabilities, seniors, adults, children, former foster care youth, parents or caretaker relatives, and pregnant women.

What are the changes you need to be aware of?

The Affordable Care Act Marketplaces are

evolving while the ninth annual enrollment period continues. These are the most important changes happening today.


Change in the open enrollment dates: Most states will expand their Open Enrollment period.

The general enrollment period lasted six weeks. However, between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, enrollment days are from November 1, 2021, to January 15, 2022. And from December 15, 2021, to February 1, 2022.

Premiums and plan choices are changing: According to the U.S. Government Healthcare website, the average benchmark plan premium is decreasing by 3%.

Nevertheless, some state-based marketplaces will increase the health plan premiums.

There are 32 additional insurers offering marketplace coverage. Check your best options.

The American Rescue Plan will reduce net premiums: For consumers with an income up to 150% of the federal poverty guideline, the cost of enrolling in the benchmark silver plan is fully covered.


Renew: We have seen several subsidies happening in the last years. If you aren’t an active renewer, you can miss subsidies that can help your plan.

More enrollment time and help available: People below 150% of the income poverty guideline ($19,320 per year for a single person or $32,290 for a family of 3, will have open enrollment throughout 2022.

Besides, the Federal Government is funding back the Navigators, trained enrollment experts certified by the marketplace providing free help to individuals.

Consumer financial protection: All insurance plans cover emergency services (except for ground ambulance) everywhere.

However, are not allowed to charge patients more than the in-network cost-sharing under their plan.

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