Halloween London 2021

Historical horrors

No trip around London’s scariest spots is complete without a visit to the Tower of London. Originally a palace, the tower was London’s most notorious prison and became the go-to destination for torture and executions. Edward V, Richard of York, Arabella Stuart and the famed White Lady are just a few of the ghostly souls reportedly still imprisoned in the tower. Book Tower of London tickets now

You can handle torture devices, hear about the plight of prisoners and discover dirty details of Old Bankside at the Clink Prison Museum. Dating back to 1144, the prison’s walls have many gory tales to tell. Book Clink Prison Museum tickets now

Learn more about death and destruction in London with the Museum of London’s permanent galleries. From war and fire to plague and Medieval feuds, you’ll uncover some horrific historical happenings.

2. Scary attractions in London

Travel through more than 1,000 years of London’s horrible history at The London Dungeon, one of the most surreal of London’s scary attractions. Jump out of your skin at live actors, spine-tingling rides and alarmingly realistic models, which bring London’s dark past to life. Terrifying surprises lurk in every corner. Book The London Dungeon tickets now

For more bone-chilling immersive experiences, avoid walls dripping with blood, creepy clowns and menacing spiders, and even become a zombie for the day at The London Tombs, part of The London Bridge Experience. Book The London Bridge Experience tickets now

3. Creepy creatures

Get up close to London’s creepy inhabitants, if you dare. Test your nerve on the Shark Walk at SEA LIFE London, where you’ll walk across the top of the sharks’ glass tank. Book SEA LIFE London tickets now

Arachnophobes beware… the In With The Spiders exhibit brings all your fears together at ZSL London Zoo. Watch out for black widow, huntsman and giant bird-eating arachnids.

4. Twisted tours

For those who fancy a ride to London’s dark side, hop on The Ghost Bus Tour London and uncover forgotten tales of intrigue and murder in the capital – just be sure to ring the bell when it’s time to leave or risk joining your creepy conductor for good! Book The Ghost Bus Tour tickets now

If you want to learn more about London’s most notorious killer, walk the streets (on foot or from your couch) once stalked by Jack the Ripper on an East End trail of terror with a Jack The Ripper Walking Tour. Book Jack The Ripper Walking Tour tickets now

5. Haunted houses and places

For a real haunted house in London, head to Hampton Court Palace, the beautiful former royal residence of Henry VIII. But all beauty comes at a price! The Haunted Gallery is a favourite for ghost-hunters on the lookout for Henry’s fourth wife, Catherine Howard. Dragged from the gallery to her ultimate death in the Tower of London, her screams are said to be heard echoing in the night. Book Hampton Court Palace tickets now

Try to capture a selfie with one of the resident ghosts at Queen’s House in Greenwich, who are used to being caught on camera. In 1966 Rev and Mrs R W Hardy noticed, to their horror, a ghost on the pretty Tulip Stairs once they’d developed a photograph they’d taken on their visit.

Pay a visit to see the White Lady ghost in Sutton House and Breaker’s Yard, one of the most haunted places in London. The apparition is not the only ghost to have been haunting this Tudor mansion – howling dogs and a woman in blue also appear in ghoulish accounts.

6. Chills and thrills

May the (g-)force be with you! Visit one of London’s theme parks for an adrenaline-fuelled adventure that will make you scream with laughter. Chessington World of Adventures, Thorpe Park and Legoland Windsor usually run special Halloween and half-term events guaranteed to get your pulse racing with scary experiences in London.

7. Museum curiosities

Delve into human anatomy as you try not to let your stomach turn at the thought of Victorian surgery once performed at the Old Operating Theatre, Museum and Herb Garret.

Find weird and wonderful exhibits at some of London’s quirkiest museums. The Grant Museum of Zoology holds a collection of more than 68,000 preserved animal specimens, including a brain collection. Visit The Wellcome Collection for shrunken heads and a Peruvian mummy. Or set foot in the curious Viktor Wynd Museum, where a cabinet dedicated to dead people is among the odd items.

8. Devilish treats

For a sinfully delicious treat (hold the tricks), visit one of London’s best cake shops in autumn, where you’ll find Halloween cupcakes, cake pops and more.

Adventurous eaters can head to Hoxton Street Monster Supplies which stocks Cubed Earwax, Toasted Bone Chunks and Petrified Mice for a truly gruesome treat.

Enjoy a Halloween day out and stock up on treats, scary clothes and accessories. Magic your way to London’s top shopping hotspots to pick up spooky Halloween bath bombs, themed fashion accessories and fiendish finds. The capital’s top department stores are good places to start.

9. Vampire hangouts

Tuck into black pizzas made from charcoal at vampire-themed Lost Boys Pizza, which regularly screens horror and cult vampire movies. Make sure to try one of its killer cocktails, you’ll give us fangs for it later…

If you want to avoid vampires altogether, and who would blame you, go to Garlic and Shots. With garlic in everything, it’s the only venue in London guaranteed to be 100% vampire free!

10. Haunted pubs in London

Jack the Ripper’s famed local bar, The Ten Bells, is a hotbed of paranormal activity. Customers and bar staff alike report hearing footsteps in empty corridors and experiencing unexplained cold spots in the bar.

North London’s The Spaniards Inn is one of London’s oldest pubs so it’s no wonder it has a ghost up its sleeve. The ghost of infamous highwayman Dick Turpin (and that of his horse) are said to haunt the pub in which he once drank, and it has a bar named in his honour. The cosy pub is also mentioned in Bram Stoker’s Dracula!

Another of London’s haunted pubs, The Viaduct Tavern, was built above former prison cells, which are now used to store barrels – one cell, in particular, is rumoured to be haunted. So much so, workers are often too scared to go down at night for fear of being locked in!

11. Victorian cemeteries

By day, Brompton Cemetery and Kensal Green are two of London’s most beautiful Victorian garden cemeteries. Amid the stunning gothic mausoleums, you’ll find headless angels guarding unmarked and crumbling tombstones. Take an official guided tour to find out the secrets of the cemeteries and look out for special events throughout the year.

12. Below ground scares

Frozen, waiting for trains that will never arrive: ghost stations in London (abandoned underground railway stations) offer an eerie glimpse into the city’s past. Go on a Hidden London Tour, which takes in hidden and disused stations such as Aldwych, which has featured in films the Darkest House, Sherlock and Atonement, and Churchill’s wartime bunker, Down Street. Learn more at the London Transport Museum’s Hidden London: The Exhibition.

On the face of it, other than the eerie echoes of footsteps, Greenwich Foot Tunnel doesn’t seem a scary place. But put reports of ghosts of a young girl and Victorian couple into the mix, and this underground passageway between Greenwich and the Isle of Dogs takes on a whole new vibe.

Dig deeper into the story of a mysterious Roman cult at the London Mithraeum. The excavated site of the Temple of Mithras lies 7m (23ft) below the City of London and was uncovered in 1954, but only recently opened to the public.

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