FIFA 22 Title Update 4

Release Date

We are expecting Title Update #4 to arrive soon as we have already seen regular updates made available already in FIFA 22.

The update will likely arrive on PC/Stadia first and follow soon after on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Title Update #3 was released for PC/Stadia back at the beginning of November, with Title Update #2 released around two weeks earlier.

The regularity of the updates suggests a fourth of the season is imminent, so keep your eyes peeled.

Title Update #3

Title Update #3 was released on PC and Stadia on Wednesday, 3 November, before then being to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S on Tuesday, 9 November.

Changes were brought into all the major areas of the game, including a supposed fix for the free-kick glitch which does seem to have quietened down in recent weeks.

We have seen several bugs in FIFA 22, so make sure you are aware of the gameplay glitches that could cost you games.

Read all about Title Update #3 including the full details and patch notes.

Meta is a moving target

From the outset of FIFA 22, we have seen a resurgence in the use of centre-backs in comparison to FIFA 21 with pace being less crucial in defensive situations.

The fact the the likes of Man City’s Ruben Dias has been useable in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is refreshing to say the least after a plague of full-backs being used last season.

However, that plague looks to be returning! Full-backs seem to have broken the shackles of poor defensive positioning and once again returned to the top table.

The more special cards (with higher pace) we see added to the game, the faster we need our defenders to be.

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