F1 23 release date news

F1 23 release date

Codemasters has settled into a good release date window with their Formula 1 games.

F1 23 release date around late June/early July, probably around 30 June or 7 July.

The F1 games traditionally go live on a Tuesday, which is why we are picking those dates specifically.

Early access

Of course, there will also be early access baked into the Premium Edition that is guaranteed to be available.

There is always the option for three days early access if you are willing to pay a bit more. That means you could be playing as early as 24 June!

Braking Point 2.0

The big feature for F1 23 is likely to be the return of a story mode.

First introduced in F1 2019 and then turned into a fully-fledged mode in F1 2021.

With Codemasters’ dual teams and two-year development cycles, we expect to see the story element return for F1 23.

Whether this is taking Aiden Jackson’s on or building a new legacy with fresh characters we don’t know, but it is sure to be a popular addition to the game.

There was a lot of disappointment over the lack of Braking Point in F1 22, even though Codemasters made it clear the mode wouldn’t be in last year’s game.

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We are excited to see what evolutions Codies can bring. Speaking of evolution…

Career & My Team evolution?

The lack of innovation within the core single-player game modes is one of the big reasons F1 22 fell a bit flat.

Last year’s game felt overly familiar with the interfaces, R&D, and in-game presentation.

As an annual sports title that had created very impressive single-player modes, it is hard to make innovations. Change just for the sake of it can be bad, but the lack of change has made racers struggle to get into a new season be it in career or My Team.

We would like to see some changes, but whether Codemasters can implement them given their license restrictions and the development restrictions of an annual game is too early to say.

Graphics, gameplay, and handling

The F1 engine is starting to show its age. Graphically the game hasn’t moved on much in the last few years, so it would be good to see something change.

Be it lighting improvements or car modelling upgrades, something needs to change as F1 games have all looked and felt pretty similar since 2019.

As for gameplay & handling, this is another area where improvements are likely.

Codemasters did a great job with the 2022 cars, but we expect to see another step forward as they enter their second season with these regulations. The current cars understeer a lot and it’s a problem that can only be tuned out so much with setups.

The modern F1 cars are big and heavy, something Codemasters did a good job of replicating in F1 22. But they can still dance and that was something lacking.


F1 22 saw the introduction of cross-play to the Formula 1 franchise, and that is something we expect to continue in F1 23.

Online lobbies can be notoriously unstable right after launch in this franchise, and we would hope that those problems don’t rear their ugly head again.

Elsewhere, we would love to see the Elimination mode return, as well as see more support and tools for private leagues to operate.

New tracks

There are two new circuits for F1 23 in the Losail International Circuit in Qatar and the Las Vegas Street Circuit in America.

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