Best Quality of Life Europe 2023

50 different indicators to measure a country’s performance based on social and environmental outcome factors, and it claims to be the first measure of quality of life that is independent of economic factors. It captured three dimensions of social progress: basic human needs, foundations of well-being, and opportunity.

The top twenty countries were found to be: 1. Denmark 2. Finland 3. Iceland 4. Norway 5. Switzerland 6. Canada 7. the Netherlands 8. Sweden 9. Australia 10. New Zealand 11. Ireland 12. United Kingdom 13. Germany 14. Austria 15. Belgium 16. Spain 17. Japan 18. USA 19. France and 20. Portugal.

Denmark scored over 95% on a number of categories, including personal rights, nutrition and basic medical care, water and sanitation, access to basic knowledge, access to information and communications. It scored 89% or over in personal safety, environmental quality, and personal freedom and choice.

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