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Best Colomba Italian Dove Easter Cake 2023

Easter dove cakes: the most popular and appreciated brands

Let’s now find out the Italian brands of Easter dove cakes that are most common and beloved in our country and abroad.



Undoubtedly, when it comes to sweets for the holidays, Bauli is the reference Italian brand. With a history almost a century old (it was born as a small craft business in 1922), today Bauli owns FBF (the biggest manufacturer of croissants and similar products in Italy), Doria and Bistefani. In 2009 Bauli acquired, from the Nestlè group, the bakery products commercialized under the brands Motta, Alemagna, Tartufone Motta, Trinidad and Gran Soffice.

Bauli products are sold almost entirely in Italy (where the company is market leader), with an export market share that is marginal, compared to the total turnover. The firm has decided to reverse this trend by opening production sites abroad (for example in India and China) and riding the greatest demand of Italian typical baked goods on the foreign markets, mostly in Europe and North America, but also India, China, Brazil, Argentina and South Africa. Their supply of Easter dove cakes is really vast: over 17 different fillings to ensure a genuine and delicious Easter.



In 2017 Maina boasted a 20% growth of Christmas sales beyond Italy’s borders, and is now going to experience a similar increase in the export of products for Easter as well, thanks to the growing interest of the international markets for dove cakes and other leavened bakery products. Maina’s foreign sales in 2017 amounted to 14,8% of the total turnover, corresponding to approximately 16% of the company’s total production volume.

Today, Maina’s products are present in 47 countries and it seems that the firm still has excellent growth prospects beyond our borders. «Ancient recipes and tasty new products baked every year. Irresistible flavours to make your Easter really good»: with this slogan, Maina is going to make the Easter of Italians and foreigners sweet. Maina displays a really wide selection of Easter dove cakes, ranging from the classic to the most diverse fillings and including the gluten-free



Balocco’s “recipe for crisis” is external expansion, with exportations having a very good trend and amounting to a considerable share of the total turnover. A project which was set in motion in the last decade. «The United States – says Balocco’s CEO – are our primary cross-border market. But we export to 50 countries: 62% of exportations are in Europe, the rest in the Middle East, South America, Australia and Asia».

Balocco’s supply for Easter is delicious and varied: a way, underlines the firm, to rediscover the authentic taste of tradition.



Motta is an iconic brand, and today it is property of the Bauli group, which has always been a reference in the market of confectionery products related to the festivities. It is also well known and appreciated abroad, and today it focuses on innovation, but always respecting the traditional recipes.



A “niche” producer, but one of the most important in terms of history and quality, today Tre Marie is property of the Galbusera group. One of the main goals of the group is outward expansion, especially in Europe, but also in America, and the creation of new points of sale under the brand Galbusera and Tre Marie.

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