Best Car Insurance 2022 USA

Cheap Car Insurance for Good Drivers

Company Average annual rates
USAA $1,111
Erie $1,182
Geico $1,221
State Farm $1,403
Nationwide $1,411
Travelers $1,499
Auto-Owners $1,520
Progressive $1,825
Farmers $2,073
Allstate $2,315
Average $1,556

USAA offers the lowest average rates for good drivers, but is open to only military members, veterans and their families. If you’re not eligible for USAA, Erie, Geico and State Farm had the cheapest car insurance rates for good drives in our analysis. Erie is a regional insurer that serves 12 states.

Cheap Car Insurance for Drivers with a Speeding Ticket

Company Average annual rates
USAA $1,190
Erie $1,256
Geico $1,384
State Farm $1,403
Auto-Owners $1,520
Travelers $1,668
Nationwide $1,683
Progressive $2,075
Farmers $2,563
Allstate $2,581
Average $1,732

A speeding ticket will mean an insurance increase of about 11%, based on nationwide averages. Our analysis found the cheapest car insurance from Erie, Geico and State Farm, with USAA a top choice for people with a military affiliation.

Cheap Car Insurance for Drivers Who Have Caused an Accident with Injury

Company Average annual rates
USAA $1,676
State Farm $1,713
Erie $1,733
Auto-Owners $2,089
Travelers $2,356
Geico $2,490
Nationwide $2,651
Progressive $3,070
Farmers $3,662
Allstate $3,973
Average $2,541

Expect your car insurance rates to go up at renewal time if you have caused an accident that injured someone else. Nationally, the average rate goes up about $950 compared to a driver with a clean record.

USAA offers good rates to military members and veterans. For other drivers, State Farm and Erie had cheap car insurance in our analysis.

Cheap Car Insurance for Drivers with a DUI

Company Average annual rates
State Farm $1,942
Erie $2,077
USAA $2,138
Travelers $2,248
Progressive $2,329
Farmers $2,865
Auto-Owners $2,894
Nationwide $2,942
Geico $3,129
Allstate $3,382
Average $2,595

Among the likely consequences after a DUI conviction is a higher auto insurance rate. Car insurance companies usually pull motor vehicle records before your policy renewal time to check for tickets and convictions, and then apply increases based on your record.

A DUI conviction leads to an average increase of more than $1,000 a year. Even with a DUI conviction you can shop around for cheap car insurance. State Farm, Erie and Travelers had the best rates in our analysis, with USAA another possible good option for military members and veterans who qualify.

Cheap Car Insurance for Drivers with Poor Credit

Company Average annual rates
Geico $1,750
USAA $1,865
Nationwide $1,905
Travelers $2,487
Erie $2,694
Progressive $3,052
Farmers $3,409
Allstate $3,617
State Farm $3,849
Auto-Owners $3,970
Average $2,860

Having poor credit can be one of the biggest hurdles to getting cheap car insurance—even if you have a great driving record. Poor credit can cause higher auto insurance rates than even having a DUI or at-fault accident on your record.

Average rates go up more than 80% for drivers with poor credit compared to those with good credit.

With potentially exorbitant rates it’s especially important to shop around. Geico, Nationwide and Travelers had the best rates among the companies we analyzed, with USAA a good bet for military members and veterans.

Cheap Car Insurance for Drivers Caught Without Insurance

Company Average annual rates
Erie $1,212
USAA $1,268
Geico $1,390
State Farm $1,551
Auto-Owners $1,561
Nationwide $1,734
Travelers $1,850
Progressive $2,279
Farmers $2,352
Allstate $2,443
Average $1,764

Average car insurance rates go up about $200 a year if you were caught driving uninsured. If you have a gap in your car insurance record, expect higher rates when you buy a policy, but you can still shop around for a good deal.

In our analysis Erie, Geico and State Farm offer cheap car insurance for drivers who were caught without insurance. Those who qualify for USAA insurance should check quotes from them.

Cheap Car Insurance in Your State

State Cheapest company Average annual rate
Alabama Geico $863
Arizona Geico $943
Arkansas Geico $1,015
California Wawanesa $1,733
Colorado Geico $983
Connecticut Geico $719
Florida Geico $1,699
Georgia Geico $1,089
Illinois Geico $1,035
Indiana Geico $691
Iowa State Farm $831
Kansas State Farm $1,272
Kentucky Geico $973
Louisiana State Farm $2,434
Maine Geico $472
Maryland Geico $1,170
Massachusetts Geico $1,019
Michigan Geico $1,046
Minnesota Geico $1,010
Mississippi Direct General Insurance $921
Missouri State Farm $1,332
Montana Geico $1,101
Nebraska Farmers Mutual of Nebraska $1,281
Nevada State Farm $1,379
New Hampshire Concord $762
New Jersey Geico $1,160
New York Progressive $1,027
North Carolina Geico $872
North Dakota Geico $758
Ohio Geico $658
Oklahoma Geico $928
Oregon State Farm $985
Pennsylvania Travelers $733
South Carolina American National $721
South Dakota Geico $823
Tennessee Erie $706
Texas Texas Farm Bureau $1,032
Utah Geico $725
Vermont Geico $644
Virginia Geico $949
Washington Progressive $982
Wisconsin Geico $629

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