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2022 NHL draft prospects lottery

Draft lottery
Beginning with the 2014–15 NHL season the NHL changed the weighting system that was used in previous years. Under the new system the odds of winning the draft lottery for the four lowest finishing teams in the league decreased, while the odds for the other non-playoff teams increased.[4] As the league reduced the number of lottery drawings before the 2021–22 season, this resulted in two lotteries being held for this draft. Beginning with this lottery and continuing onward, the teams winning one of the two drawings are allowed to move up a maximum of ten spots in the draft order and a team is only allowed to win the lottery twice in a five-year period.[5] As a result only the eleven lowest finishing teams were eligible to win the first overall selection. The team that won the first drawing would move up to the first selection if they were seeded 1–11, teams seeded 12–16 would move up ten spots. If the team seeded 12 won the first draw they would secure the second overall pick and the team seeded first would secure the first overall pick. For the second draw, the fifteen remaining teams were re-seeded and the teams seeded 1–12 could move up to the second overall pick if it was still available after the end of the first draw, teams seeded 13–15 could move up a maximum of ten spots. If the second overall pick was not available to the winner of the second draw that team would be awarded the next highest available selection. After the two draws were complete, all remaining draft picks were assigned to the remaining teams in inverse order of regular season finish.

The Montreal Canadiens and New Jersey Devils won the two draft lotteries that took place on May 10, 2022, giving them the first and second picks overall. Montreal retained the first pick, while New Jersey moved up three spots. Arizona, Seattle and Philadelphia each dropped one spot to third, fourth and fifth overall, respectively.

Top prospects
Ranking North American skaters European skaters
1 Canada Shane Wright (C) Slovakia Juraj Slafkovsky (LW)
2 United States Logan Cooley (C) Finland Joakim Kemell (RW)
3 United States Cutter Gauthier (LW) Slovakia Simon Nemec (D)
4 Canada Matthew Savoie (C) Czech Republic David Jiricek (D)
5 Canada Conor Geekie (C) Austria Marco Kasper (C)
6 Russia Pavel Mintyukov (D) Sweden Jonathan Lekkerimaki (RW)
7 Canada Kevin Korchinski (D) Russia Danila Yurov (RW)
8 Canada Luca Del Bel Belluz (C) Sweden Liam Ohgren (LW)
9 United States Isaac Howard (LW) Switzerland Lian Bichsel (D)
10 Canada Owen Beck (C) Finland Brad Lambert (C)
Ranking North American goalies European goalies
1 Canada Tyler Brennan Finland Topias Leinonen
2 Belarus Ivan Zhigalov Sweden Hugo Havelid
3 United States Dylan Silverstein Czech Republic Jan Spunar

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